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The Founders

Joe Hall and Joe Burns

Joe Hall (left) and Joe Burns (right) are the founders of the highly profitable Pixel Adverts, which supplies social media services to businesses worldwide.


Both Joe Burns and Joe Hall grew up in Essex attending The King John School where they met. From an early age they started programming simple websites before moving onto more complex websites for business when they quickly realised that they were determined to be businessmen. After three years of building Pixel Adverts neither of them could imagine doing anything else.

Transferwise 20 Under 20

Earlier this year Joe Burns and Joe Hall were named as one of the two of the top 20 entrepreneurs in Britain. See Here

Proven Results

Over the years of trading, Pixel Adverts has gained a reputation for its professional and efficent service. Fill in our contact form below to see what we could do for you!

What we will do for you

We are your key to unlocking the true potential of Social Media Marketing
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Lead Creation

Improve brand awareness for your business, no need for you to keep chasing clients, have them come directly to you. Via Social Media Management or Web Design, we are sure we can deliver results directly to your business.


With talented web design experts, we can design and build programs tailored to your specific needs.


With targeted Social Media Management techniques unparalleled by anyone else, we can specifically target the customers that you desire.


Our in house Website designers are some of the best in their class Not only in Essex & London but around the world, designing content directly for your Social Media Management and web campaigns.

Social Media

75% of the UK's population use social media, use this to your advantage and reach thousands of people today! Not just in Essex and London. We can reach people around the world instantly.

Web Design

Providing quality and professional web design at competitive and unparalleled prices. The quality is represented in our works.

Analytical Reports

We provide monthly reports to our clients regarding their social media Management campaign, highlighting our direct effects on your business and a prominent Return On Investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social media is growing very quickly, not only in Essex but across the whole world. This fast growing network is filled with people who are not only higher in numbers, but are already engaged in looking across social media rather than someone with the T.V. switched on who probably won't be paying attention to the adverts playing. As a company, Pixel Adverts believes that social media is the way forward and future of advertisement. To enable businesses to tap into this network, we strongly believe a social media agency lies in the heart of advertising success, to help and guide you through the process.

For sure you can! Pixel Adverts has worked with many businesses in Benfleet, Essex and London to increase the amount of sales that your business generates. We use modern social media management techniques in order to reach thousands of potential customers nearly instantly. Our targeting algorithm has been recognised by companies world wide as being one of the most advanced algorithms available.

That's absolutely fine! Although the Pixel Adverts offices are based in Essex, We provide our services in many other locations including London, Essex, Manchester, Scotland, the Whole of the Uk, and select clients wideworld. If you are outside of the UK do not hesitate to get in contact as we're always open to new opportunities and are always excited to help other businesses!

We believe that social media management is essential for any business looking to grow, and our company ethos demonstrates that. We love to help other businesses to grow and become a part of the process, as we have with many companies before now. We provide social media management services in Benfleet, Essex & London for many niches of businesses so get in contact to request a free proposal from us today.

Pixel Adverts | Social Media Management Essex

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Some of our previous work

Want to see more of our works?

We at Pixel Adverts love Web Design, and our passion is clearly portrayed in our work.

Our Services

Bespoke Web Design, Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing services in Essex and London, unparalleled to any other.

Ideas and concepts

Our designers are as creative as they come! Constantly coming up with new concepts to grab the attention of your audience across Social Media and the whole web!

Optimised for speed

There is little worse than being stuck on a laggy website. That's why we create the fastest and smoothest website possible.

Designs & interfaces

An elegant and modern website tailored to your needs. Our designers will work closely with you every step of the way to design the best website possible.

Highly customizable

As our websites are built entirely from scratch, we can customise every part to suit your design taste and business needs. There is no limit.

Coding & development

Clean and well-structured code ensures a smooth user experience for all your customers and visitors.

Features & plugins

Our programmers have lots of experience, allowing us to program in many diverse languages, to get the most from your website.

Responsive design

Responsive designs mean that your clients can engage with your website and develop a connection with you, before even talking.

Dedicated support

World class support from our Web Designers and Social Media Managers allows you to get in contact to make changes anytime.

Meet Our Team

Our wide range of experiences, skills and dedication create who we are.
Joe Burns social media management
Hi all

"I'm Joe. I started this business with my partner a few years ago due to my passion for web development and Social Media Management. I've learnt many new skills and I'm very excited to see where the company leads me. Growing up in Benfleet, Essex then working in london."

Joe Burns
Joe Hall Social Media Management
Good day

"Over the time we have started the business together, we have seen it grow and development into something that is much bigger than we could imagine. I've learnt that it is very rewarding to use our passion to help business owners grow. Developing lasting relationships which benefit both there business and ours. I grew up in Benfleet, Essex, then went to work in London."

Joe Hall
  • "Great company, always instant replies and answered all my concerns and questions within minutes"

    - Julia Attridge

  • "The service I have received has been first class, would definitely use again!"

    - DB Electrical Services

  • Social Media Management Essex

Why use Social Media Management Services within your business?

Based in Benfleet Essex, Pixel Adverts provides a complete online advertising service for social media management and marketing in Essex & London as well as the surrounding areas. Social Media Management and marketing are extremely important to grow your business, increase sales and increase your brand awareness. Do you want to know how to grow your sales? Our experts are available to talk about Social Media Management, marketing and web design 24 Hours a day. Our team is dedicated to delivering you results. Below are just some of our services.

Social Media Management Essex
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Photography In and Around Benfleet, Essex/London.
Website Design
Website Management
Social Media Optimisation

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Successful Projects

Analytics Report

Websites Created

Happy Customers

Social Media Management


  • Daily Social Media Posts
  • Specific targeting algorithm
  • Dedicated Social Media Marketer
  • Targeting Algorithm
  • ROI Revealing Reports
  • Interaction With Audience
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Web Design

*Consumers Choice - 2018*


  • Free Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Single Page Website
  • Web Hosting
  • Working Contact Form
  • Back End Design
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Our Special Offer

*Certain Websites Only*



  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Use of Targeting Algorithm
  • Interaction With Audience
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What we can do for you

Social Media Management

Social media management for your business in Essex & London. Complete automation, bringing clients directly to you.

Web Design

Web Design in Essex & London, creating quality websites for your business with constant support and complete customisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Careful attention to detail and clean, well structured code ensures a smooth user experience for all your visitors.


With all of our web design services, and social media management we guarantee our work for 10 years, and will still provide support after.

About Pixel Adverts

Pixel Adverts is a Benfleet, Essex based Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing and Web Design Agency dedicated to expanding your online presence.

Phone: 07927 742628


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